Black nails design

Black is an elegant color where there are and is not an exception in the decoration of the nails. Undoubtedly, black is a color that resists the passage of time that lasts without going out of style. It is an irrefutable fact that black is always in fashion. For many people, black is a very boring and sober color for decorations. But, nothing is further from reality and to prove otherwise, today we bring a fantastic selection of nail designs decorated with black so you can be inspired and get ideas for your manicures. Surely you’re going to get nail art painted black elegant and sophisticated. A design that provides a night style and an irreverent, sensual and wild touch. It is also a perfect color to let your imagination fly and add ornaments to your black manicure designs.

The color black is much more than a simple fashion trend. It is a cultural statement that has been used throughout history to convey a certain social status, a counterculture affinity or simply a different way of perceiving fashion. Historically, black painted nails have left no one indifferent. They have attracted or repelled countless favorable and detractors. Among them, the most rebellious teenagers who have fought and are still struggling with their mothers to get permission to wear their nails in this dark color. Undoubtedly, black is the color of rebellion. So much that it was the color par excellence of the punk movement of the 80s.

Black nail manicures designs

Black is a color with personality, so much that it does not need to be accompanied by more colors. Only with a layer of this coloring can a fantastic manicure be achieved. A classic and moderate tone at the same time. A nuance of elegance for the most daring people. We have compiled a compilation of the best designs with black nails. Look, look, you’re going to hallucinate:

Uñas decoradas completamente en negro uñas negras en mate uñas negras con purpurina

The best black paintbrushes of the moment

We have prepared a selection of the best enamels to decorate your nails in black that you can find. We recommend these dark paints both for their quality and for their price. And all, in a place of trust and unmatched credibility.


    What types of manicures can I do in black?

    Black is a dye that fits well with any type of manicure. You just have to combine it with the color and the right shape to get a breakthrough manicure. A, in case you need inspiration, we’ll give you 10 manicure suggestions for your black nail designs:

    • Black basic manicure
    • Black French manicure
    • French reverse manicure in black
    • Gel nails with black color
    • Black painted nails with decorations
    • Paraffin manicure of black color
    • Nude manicure with black
    • Brazilian manicure with black
    • Russian manicure with black
    • Stuffed manicure with black

    Black and white nail designs

    White and black have always been opposite colors, but they have combined perfectly thanks to their great contrast of light and clarity. Colors that combine transmit an elegance without equal. A good option and not only for special occasions, show off a spectacular manicure on your nails any day of the week. We have compiled a selection of images of the best nail designs decorated in black and white so you can be inspired. Look, look at manicures! Sublime!

    Images of black and white decorated nails

    uñas negras y blancas con estrellasuñas negras y blancas espaciales   diseño negro y blanco a rallas  diseño uñas negor y blanco banderas

    Black and gold nail designs

    Combining colors is not an easy task for many people. But you do not have to be an expert to know that black and gold are a very, very elegant combination. This combination of colors will transform your manicure into a lustful and elegant creation.

    Black is the main color of manicure and gold color paint will bring a dramatic accent tone. Of course, we have to be careful, because too much gold will make the nails lack style.

    We have also compiled a selection of the best nail designs decorated in black and gold so you can be inspired. Look, look at manicures! Lustful!

    Images of black and gold decorated nails

    uñas nedgras y doradas con purpurina uñas negras doradas fashion uñas negras doradas fashion uñas negras y doradas

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